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Embers of the Sun

Embers of the Sun


An urban fantasy fiction, set in Australia. 

Book Summary

Tessa Howard didn’t believe in Fate. Nor did she believe in miracles. 

Yet, a spur of the moment decision veers her life onto a collision course with a re-alignment of events that she has no control over, where only a miracle will save her. 

After a horrific car accident, one bizarre coincidence after another draws Tessa closer and closer to the surreal Sam Archer, until she is confronted with an unbelievable understanding, and an even more startling reality... 

Tessa's life is a cosmic battle between Fate and free will. 


Review by: Minky Cockshell on 21 October 2012 (
I read the book in 3 days as I just couldn't put it down, I loved it! Wasn't sure what to expect, was told it was set in modern times but with a fantasy twist. I loved the "Australian-ness" of it in the locations, you don't often read thinks set here and i found all the descriptions of things really vivid and could picture it all even though I'm not from Sunny Queensland. I loved all the characters and thought they were really well developed and I loved the story line. Hope there will be more in the future!! Also is this book a stand alone or will it have a sequel? Well Done!!

Review by: kym klein on Sep. 20, 2012
From the beginning of Embers of the Sun I immediately got a sense that everything was not as it appeared. It all felt kind of surreal, there was a mysterious feeling about Embers that drew me in.... But to go into any more detail about the story would risk revealing too much. 

The author's overall writing style was well constructed, compelling and engaging and is probably more suited to a younger reading audience, although sophisticated enough perhaps to appeal to a wider demographic. Story wise I enjoyed Embers very much. It has a very strong and unique plotline, the pacing is even and builds nicely to its' dramatic, and suprising conclusion.

Chantal's depiction of events and locations is imaginative and evocative, and the character description in general is excellent. The admirably un-rushed narrative spends as much time on the detail as it does on the theatrical. Embers of the Sun is dramatic, thought provoking and witty with compelling dialogue, and without giving too much away, it will keep you guessing right up to the final page. Which all contribute to making Embers of the Sun a highly recommended read.

Review by: 
Alan Holt on Sep. 16, 2012
The title caught my eye and the story confirmed my belief in fate. A great story from the first page giving the reader a great deal to ponder over.

Review by: Trish Salter on Sep. 16, 2012
A great first novel - difficult to put down until the end. Very thought provoking when thinking it through after reading the last page

Review by: Cameron Salmond on Sep. 16, 2012
I really enjoyed this. I didn't see what was going to happen. The characters are really good, and love the humour! I had to read the last page a few times to figure out the final twist and got me thinking...

Review by: David Brendan on Sep. 16, 2012
Fantastic! Couldn't put it down... kept me guessing, then the final twist still has me wondering... fate or free will?

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