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Chantal Mortimer...

Fantasy Book writer
Fantasy Book Embers of the Sun

I live and write in the beautiful Scenic Rim Region of southeast Queensland, Australia. Surrounded by rolling hills with dramatic mountains in the backdrop, misty mornings, spectacular sunsets and the Milky Way just beyond my fingertips. It is hard not to be inspired. Daily.

With a filing cabinet of manuscripts under my belt, 'Embers of the Sun' was the first I really wanted to share.


The idea for it came from listening to a couple of friends talking about whether something that had happened was fate, and meant to be, or if it was just a random choice that had been made.

The unintended consequences made me curious...

I didn't set out to write 'Embers' as urban fantasy but as I got deeper into developing the fate and freewill concepts, I found I needed the extra creative license 
to tell the story.


Was very excited to enter 'Embers of the Sun' into the 2015 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, encouraged by the wonderful reader comments I have received. Thanks, guys!


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What's next?

Have just finished the research for 'Kindred' and am ready to start the part I love best... the writing! 

Fantasy Book genre

Been thinking, and the more I think, the more I think this book would make a fantastic movie. Someone needs to show the book to the movie makers!  

Caroline Dodds



I read the book in 3 days as I just couldn't put it down, I loved it! Wasn't sure what to expect... 

Minky Cockshell


Mortimer’s prose is unhurried, faultless and engaging. Personally, I think her writing style is wide ranging and  a great read that one can easily enjoy. I look forward to Mortimer’s other work.

Lit Amri



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