Embers of the Sun


Tessa Howard didn’t believe in Fate. Nor did she believe in miracles. 

Yet, a spur of the moment decision veers her life onto a collision course with a re-alignment of events that she has no control over; where only a miracle will save her. 

After a horrific car accident, one bizarre coincidence after another draws Tessa closer and closer to the surreal Sam Archer, until she is confronted with an unbelievable understanding, and an even more startling reality... 

Tessa's life is a cosmic battle between Fate and free will.


Three people searching to find themselves, and unknowingly each other,
across astral dimensions.


The bond between them bridges divides that have separated Kindred for millennia and ignites their determination to find escape from the dark events, past and future, destroying their worlds.

Yet, bygone prejudice and betrayals threaten to tear them apart, even as

they race to find salvation - the Genesis Brink.


Note: subject to change, creative imagination engaged!


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